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the team

Ñepi Behña


Born in Mexico-City
PhD in Rural Development by UAM -Xochimilco
Cofounder of Ñepi Behña AC

Co-founder of Corazon Verde - Fair Trade Central

Adriana Welsh Herrera works with rural communities since 1991. She has experience in gender issues, education and leadership capacities, empowering indigenous and rural women´s organizations; public education; human rights, Fair Trade based on equal rights and community development. She has studies on women´s identity and the impact of migration in their lives.

Indigenous communities, especially women and girls, face poverty, injustice and discrimination and still they work towards their dreams and projects  on a daily basis. This is what inspires Adriana and gives her the strength and motivation to make the effort to continue her work. 



Born in Mexico-City
Master in Rural Development
Cofounder of Ñepi Behña AC

Co-founder of Corazon Verde - Fair Trade Central

With 30 years of experience working with indigenous communities, Magali´s focus is on Training and Education Programs, working with Sustainability Strategies (e.g. Eco technology and agro technology), Organizational Aspects and Fair Trade. The goal is to work and develop alternatives and strategies with organized indigenous women, to make the world a fair and equal place for all.



Born in Mexico-City
Sales Coordinator, Corazón Verde - Fair Trade Central

Since 2004 Fabiola Arce has been working in financial administration for organizations who were previously involved in the CV project. Later on she specialized in the sales of handcrafts for the Fair Trade Central Corazón Verde.
Visiting the indigenous communities and seeing the life of the craftswomen has been Fabiola´s motivation to help them create a Fair Trade network for their products. Her key area of interest at Corazón Verde is to search for Fair-Trade strategies so that the craftswomen can improve their lifestyles and their community´s conditions.

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