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Fair Trade center and network, motivated by the Cooperative  Ya Muntsi Behña for creating an alternative market for the craftswomen, where creativity is hold in a high regard, where the women earn a fair price for their work, and where a direct connection between producer and consumer is built.

Cooperative of craftswomen from different communities of the Valle del Mezquital, composed of about 300 ñähñús women. Their main goal is to create economic, social and sustainable alternatives, which have an impact on the life of the women, their families and on the communities in this region.

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Network of Feminists, specialized in different disciplines, takes over the role of rural promoters, advisers or investigators. They work together in favor for a better world with justice and gender equality, and to establish bonds between rural women, mestizas and indigenous. They empower social organisations, which develop strategies, together with these women and other social actors, to change our country.

A collective of rural feminist women who have experience in counseling organisation of rural women,  indigenous and mestizas, in different regions of Mexico. They have developed methods for women’s leadership. They created a Master or Culture of Good Treatment that is an educative program for indigenous and no indigenous women that works in projects against violence toward women, and those in educative and media’s projects.

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