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Ñepi Behña promotes women´s empowerment by providing trainings for indigenous groups in conditions of poverty in rural and urban areas from 5 states within Mexico; guiding them to build alternative and environmentally sustainable economies.


Ñepi Behña has a holistic approach to economy and believes in fostering leadership skills in women to have a positive impact on their community´s food and environmental sustainability. Our main strategy is women´s empowerment, enabling them to spearhead their communities through their own knowledge and by providing workshops on woman´s human rights, ecotechnics, sustainability, organizational skills and Fair Trade principles in order to maximize their potential towards attaining their economic autonomy.


At Ñepi Behña we have an educational program focused on the empowerment of artisan women in nine groups throughout five states of Mexico, serving primarily to indigenous communities. We work on four axis: education, sustainability, alternative economies and Fair Trade. Our program is focused on the development of women´s leadership skills, giving workshops on human rights, gender equality, Fair Trade principles, sustainability, and ecotechnics, serving as mentors that help them reshape their environment by catalyzing their own initiatives.  


Ñepi Behña

Ñepi Behña means woman with dignity in ñähñú, an indigenous language spoken in Hidalgo, Mexico by the Otomí people. We are an independent and engaged grassroots organization focused on guiding women artisan groups living in poverty and with high migration rates, to establish economic, social and cultural strategies that promote the dignity and equal development of their rural indigenous communities. We work in five states of Mexico: Puebla, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Querétaro and Hidalgo.


“It was the daily work and the exchange with the women that convinced me to dedicate my life to the projects and dreams of these women, who continue to pursue the improvement of the lives of their families and communities. Together we are searching for options to achieve shared goals as well as a better world and happiness for everyone.”

ADRIANA WELSH Co-founder of Ñepi Behña AC


Ñepi Behña

Adriana Welsh

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