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At Ñepi Behña we have an educational program focused on the empowerment of indigenous artisan women in nine groups throughout five states of Mexico. We work on four axis: education, sustainability, alternative economies and Fair Trade.

We work towards strengthening their leadership skills by conducting analytical workshops that focus on gender and human rights with thematic topics that relate to their challenges: causes of poverty, food crisis, discrimination and devaluing of their rights. As a result, women can analyze the causes of their social, economic and environmental problems and value their own rights and power to change and create alternatives.


We work with community leaders to train educators and eco-promoters to take on productive and economic projects. We hold educational trainings with community leaders and promoters preparing them to recreate our workshops, translating the concepts and promoting analysis in ñahñú language to be shared with their community.


Along with the artisan leaders we evaluate and make strategies to be implemented. Together with the women, we carry out trainings and action plans to design programs that help them reshape their environment by catalyzing their own initiatives.


Objectives and accompanying strategies
Educational program

Promote the women’s analysis and training regarding human rights, poverty and food sustainability in the face of migration trends, strengthening women leadership and participation in creating economic alternatives. Training woman leaders on organizational skill building: Training workshops focused on building capacity and developing the women promoters’ roles as leaders and educators in the organization.

Sustainability and economic alternative program

Development of alternative economic strategic projects lead by women, focusing on food and environmental sustainability. Strengthening Fair Trade and equity values and strategies  in Corazon Verde´s artisan womens organizations from the states of: Chiapas, Puebla, Hidalgo, Mexico State and Mexico City.

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